Wellcome to Grass Group Company

Our company was established 25 years ago in Istanbul's Karaköy district, on Necati Bey Street. We have been operating for 13 years in the sales and applications of construction and building materials. In 2007, we met with synthetic turf technology and produced insulated synthetic turf for the first time in the world. We introduced this innovative product by successfully using it as a Grassmembrane lawn terrace application in the Pendik Marina project designed by Zaha Hadid. One year after the Pendik Marina project, we realized the world's largest GRASSIDING grass façade at the ADAM & EVE hotel, designed by Eren Talu. While our company is known as a leading name in the synthetic turf industry, we continue our success with our long-term experience and innovative projects.

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Our Projects

Adam & Eve Hotel

Project Name: Adam & Eve Hotel

Location: Antalya

Application: Grassmembran & Grassiding

Adam & Eve Hotel is one of the proud projects of our company where we have realized the GRASSIDING (insulated grass facade) application. With this innovative application, we carried the grass texture to the exterior of the hotel, providing an environmentally friendly appearance and insulation advantage. With GRASSIDING, we increased the aesthetic value of the hotel and optimized its energy efficiency. This project is an example that highlights our leadership and innovative approach in the industry. The GRASSIDING application we carried out at the Adam & Eve Hotel offers a unique experience to the visitors and adds difference and attractiveness to the hotel.

Alva Donna Hotels

Project Name: Alva Donna Hotels

Location: Antalya

Application: Grass Landscape

Atlama Kuleleri

Project Name: Atlama Kuleleri

Location: Erzurum

Application: Grass Skiing & Grass Sledding

Erzurum Şehir Hastanesi

Project Name: Erzurum Şehir Hastanesi

Location: Erzurum

Application: Grassmembran

Erzurum City Hospital is one of the prestigious projects of our company where we implemented GRASSMEMBRAN (insulated grass terrace). With this pioneering application, we provided the feeling of natural grass in the terrace areas of the hospital building and at the same time provided high quality insulation properties. With GRASSMEMBRAN, we have increased energy efficiency while providing a relaxing and aesthetic environment to hospital staff and visitors. This application provided the hospital building with an environmentally friendly and modern look.

Our Erzurum City Hospital project once again proves our leadership in leading the sector and offering innovative solutions. With the GRASSMEMBRAN application, we aim to contribute to the health services in the region by strengthening the design and functionality of the hospital building. This project stands out as an indicator of the quality service we provide in the health sector.

As a company, we are proud of the successful GRASSMEMBRAN application in our Erzurum City Hospital project. Thanks to our cooperation with the hospital management and employees, we are happy to contribute to the hospital providing a functional and safe environment.

Mylome Hotel

Project Name: Mylome Hotel

Location: Okurcalar - Antalya

Application: Grassiding & Golf

Mylome Hotel is one of the special projects of our company where we realize GRASSMEMBRAN and GRASSIDING applications. With these innovative applications, we have combined the natural grass texture and isolation features of the hotel's terrace and facade areas. With GRASSMEMBRAN, we provided a comfortable and aesthetic environment on the hotel's terrace, as well as achieving high-quality sound and heat insulation. With GRASSIDING, we created a unique grass appearance on the facade of the hotel, increased energy efficiency and strengthened the identity of the hotel. These practices at Mylome Hotel provide guests with a unique experience while maintaining an environmentally friendly and modern image of the hotel.

As a company, we are proud to once again demonstrate the importance we attach to innovation and quality services with these projects at Mylome Hotel. GRASSMEMBRAN and GRASSIDING applications stand out as an indicator of our leadership in the industry. Our collaboration with Mylome Hotel has inspired us to achieve successful results and provide guests with an unforgettable stay.

Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort

Project Name: Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort

Location: Belek-Antalya

Application: Grassmembran & Grass Kids Playground

Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort is one of the pioneering projects of our company where we implemented GRASSMEMBRAN (insulated grass terrace). With this unique application, we brought the feeling of natural grass to the terrace areas of the resort, provided an aesthetic appearance and created a comfortable environment by offering the advantage of isolation. While offering a green atmosphere to the guests of Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort with GRASSMEMBRAN, we also performed at a high level in sound and heat insulation. This project stands out as an example that reflects our innovation ability and leadership in the industry. The GRASSMEMBRAN application we implemented at Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort, while providing an unforgettable experience to the guests, also adds a unique identity to the resort.